Please let me know what you think of my website, good or bad l am keen to know your thoughts, thanks for looking.


cracking photos kev, keep up the good shots.

Billy Riley

Beautiful South Devon

Hi Kevin,

I have recently relocated from the beautiful South Devon for work. I was wondering if any of your fantastic prints are available to purchase as I would love to possibly have one in my home.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Natalie Shenton


realy good photos mate havent lost your touch
dale donnison

excellent pics

Keep up the good work Kevin, some great pics from a variety of places. Ginge
Marc Stuart


Beautiful photos!


Hi Kevin,
Great site, excellent photos, particularly the Tower ones with the poppies. We have now received the one we bought and need to decide on a place for it to rest in peace.
David Butterworth


Hi Kevin great to speak today some great pics keep up the good work Tich
Martin Gray

Took a look

Hello Kevin really enjoyed looking through your photos. They are brilliant especially the underwater and HDR shots. Keep at it.
Alan Muse


Looking at you Images bring back a Few Memories, I used to Live up North, When ever I am on my travels up North I try to call it at Durham

Best Regards Elaine
Elaine Whitby


Kev some excellent pictures mate, really impressive. I remember you taking the seal picture at the Farnes. You should come to St Abbs in the summer with your camera dude.
Paul Smith

fab photos

would love to arrange you to take a few of maisie x
gemma robinson

Your Gallery

Hi Kevin,
Love the site and the photography is awesome, cannot pick my fave yet as I didnt have time to go through the lot but I will

Thanks Kevin. Great site

Kevin, many thanks for your email the other day. A meet up sounds great for the new year sometime.
Appreciate you getting in touch with me.
Great site and photography ;)

Regards, Jay
Jay Lethbridge

Proof That I Was Sober Last Night!

Hi Kevin. Told you I'd remember to take a look at your website! Anyway, I must say there are some incredibly impressive pictures on here, some of which I'm rather stunned by and that's quite rare to get out of me especially from a photo.

What I recommend next that you should give a go is perhaps action photography especially involving a few guys perhaps performing tricks or stunts with bikes/skateboards or even acrobatics like parkour or trampolines. It's amazing what you can capture from moments like them. There is one photo I have on my Facebook profile which is of me doing a spot of jumping about under a bridge in Durham but the effects used in the photo make it look fantastic and stunning.

Nevertheless, great work on display here. Keep it up! Perhaps see you in New Inn again this week.
Simon Rusby


Hi kevin you also have great shots and yes i love HDR i have started doing it in all my pics now Landscapes just slightly yes we will swap links i did meet david but didn't get time to chat shame all the best Les

latest Owen pictures

I know we said not to comment on each other pics, but well done bud on your latest pictures of Owen. He is so cute!
Dave Low


all right bonni lad long time no see ha ha i have been looking at your photo,s mate well impressed you always were a clever sod i have a couple of cameras my self just point and shoot but yours are semi pro i think keep up the good work mate .
dale donnison


just been looking on your website , some cracking pictures on , winter pics are good ,

your photos

This is very good site and I shall be contacting you later for help in setting up my websit
Roy Yallop

great site

Got the link from dave the duck and really enjoyed browsing through..........some great sky pics and those colours captured really well.
Joanne Folland

foster sis

Hi Kev, mum got me to look at these as she is over for christmas, really good phots i love photography too and have a nikon D70 lovely to see all the pics of Devon and Paignton. Maria x
maria santrian

Nice Shots Mate

Just a quick note to say love the photos. Underwater ones are pretty cool, but did enjoy the Seagull ones.
Mark the Monkey

Underwater photography

I think I might have a new addiction.
-fantastic work

Your Website

Hi Kevin, this is my first ever testimonial. I don't know how to start writing!
But let me express how I see both your work and website. Although your site is
very young in age I can honesty say its "cool", you have gathered some awesome images and
quality is more important than quantity. I love your underwater images particularly,
they amaze me, ethereal and surreal, they inspire me to someday try it my dreams!!!
You capture colour and detail really well, each image seems to have your stamp on it.
I'm looking forward to our continued friendship that after all these years just gets stronger.
I might see you in person when I visit Durham in the very near future!
"I'm always going to be looking forward to seeing your latest work". -David
David Low


very impressed with the website looks really good. There is a very good selection of your best photos. I think the underwater photos are excellent, however they are all really good. Well done!!!!
stacey wise